Success stories

Elab Education Laboratory

Elab Education Laboratory is the largest and leading educational agency in Europe (finalist of The Pioneer Awards 2019 in the Best Educational Agency category). Elab helps young people get to study abroad. The company has extensive experience: 8 years on the market, 6000 college applications sent and several dozen educational consultants in 3 offices.

Over the course of long-term cooperation, we were responsible for the preparation and implementation of the lead generation marketing strategy spanning across multiple channels.

The strategy covered Google Ads setup and optimisation, SEO, Facebook Ads setup and optimisation, Snapchat, mailing automation and SMS, as well as pop-ups, notification bars on the website and chatbots. We also used a number of materials supporting lead engagement, e.g. webinars.

We’ve also deployed a customer data platform in BigQuery which gathered a few million atomic user activities and helped run marketing campaigns.

As a result of the strategy, we managed to generate several thousand qualified education leads, which in cooperation with the sales department and educational consultants translated into achieving Elab’s business goals.


MEDtube is the largest platform for physicians in Poland and one of the largest initiatives of this type in the world. Professional content is created by several hundred thousand users and is available in different languages.

MEDtube’s mission is to increase the level of medical knowledge and enable doctors to access valuable medical materials.

Our cooperation focused on generating B2B leads as well as increasing the number of inquiries from business clients.

We used a variety of marketing channels formats, including LinkedIn, Facebook Ads, and a variety of communication mediums (dedicated landing pages, PDF case studies and more).

To increase the quality of B2B leads, we used chatbots, pop-ups, as well as dedicated content in the form of PDF case study or specially designed landing pages.

Our activities translated into acquiring valuable business leads for MEDtube.

Grafik Optymalny

Grafik Optymalny is the Polish SaaS leader in work scheduling software. The company has over 1720 customers, including CCC, North Food, Travelist, Radisson Blu. The company is backed by well-known Polish investors including SpeedUp. So far, the program helped schedule over 30 million working hours.

We’ve been working with Grafik Optymalny since market entry as a part of our growth engine development offering based on the customer data platform in BigQuery. From the very beginning, we’ve been responsible for the design, implementation and optimization of lead generation strategies.

We’ve utilized Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, SEO, mailing automations and conversion support tools (chat, pop-ups).

Apart from strategy development and campaign optimisation, we’ve also taken care of analytics. Apart from the regular Google Analytics setup, we’ve also implemented Google Analytics enrichment (see enrichment case study), which helped reduce the CAC in Google Ads campaigns and provided tons of insights on the customer journeys.

As a result, we were able to generate thousands of quality leads.

Elab Education Festival

Elab Educational Festival is the largest festival dedicated to foreign education. EEF is a meeting place for people planning foreign studies with representatives of the best foreign universities. Every year, the festival brings together over 3000 participants and 50 universities and exhibitors. Over 30 lectures and workshops take place during the EEF. The festival regularly attracts media attention, including Gazeta Wyborcza or Cogito.

At Datomni, we designed and implemented an effective strategy for generating education leads.

We’ve synchronised the communication across many different advertising channels and formats, including video, text, and image in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Snapchat Ads. We’ve also used mailing and SMS automations.

Our work has generated has reached hundreds of thousands of prospects and resulted in tens thousands of clicks and several thousand registration leads for each edition of the festival, which translated into meeting Elab’s business goals.

Time for Wax

Time for Wax is the largest wax beauty center in Poland.

The brand is made up of a network of 28 salons, the number of satisfied customers is approaching 500,000, and the number of years of experience has already exceeded 12.

We’ve been responsible for audits as well as strategy for generating beauty leads.

We’ve optimised marketing channels including SEO, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, email and SMS automation, as well as pop-up tools, banners supporting lead quality. Our work was based on the unified customer data platform which helped us derive deeper customer segments (e.g. excluding customers who visited offline salons). Optimisations of Facebook and Google Ads encompassed both the online performance as well as online-to-offline conversions.

We’ve also created Data Studio dashboards which displayed the performance of all marketing channels and occasionally summarised online-to-offline behaviour of leads (salon visits).

As a result of long-term cooperation, we have acquired tens of thousands of new beauty leads for the franchise and several thousand new customers.


We had the pleasure to participate in the launch of the Dietomatic brand, supported by a well-known Polish investment group.

In particular, we focused on the implementation of Google Analytics needed for good campaign management and evaluation, migration to Google Tag Manager, implementation of basic e-commerce tracking, conversion goals, Data Studio dashboards, audience groups, custom conversions on Facebook and many others.

In addition, we helped the company create and implement the marketing strategy (several campaigns for various stages of the conversion funnel) in Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

Student Travel

Student Travel is the leading and award-winning Polish travel agent in the millennial segment. The company has been operating for over 14 years and travels with almost 20 000 young people every year. Over the course of our cooperation, we’ve provided a complete service in the areas of strategy, analytics and Facebook campaign management.

First, we’ve enriched data in Google Analytics by implementing User ID, which allowed for cross-device tracking. We’ve also turned on event tracking, goals, and basic as well as enhanced ecommerce tracking. We’ve set up and migrated all marketing technologies to Tag Manager.

Secondly, we’ve set up a customer data platform in Google BigQuery and integrated data from online and offline channels, which helped us target Facebook campaigns in a more precise way and reach customers in all stages of the customer journeys. We’ve created Data Studio dashboards for the unified customer data platform as well for the individual channels including the website. Based on the cross-channel user activity data, we’ve audited automations, SEO, and Facebook campaigns and indicated improvements.

Based on the unified database CDP and audits, we’ve focused solely on creating Facebook account strategy, running and optimising campaigns. We’ve been responsible for the entire Facebook account throughout multiple seasons (both high and low) and changing inventory. Our campaigns covered all funnel stages – from awareness, through engagement, all the way to purchases and post-sale loyalty. We’ve used all major creative formats – videos, banners, copy and tactics like dynamic remarking.

As a result of our work (in particular Facebook account management), we’ve managed to generate over half a million worth of sales with ROAS in excess of 1000%.

Major real-estate company

A large company operating on the real estate market in Poland turned to us for help in obtaining leads. It has been operating throughout the country for over 20 years and boasts the number of real estate transactions that have exceeded 10,000.

We have worked with the company at the level of strategy, analytics, and campaigns to increase the number and quality of leads making inquiries about buying or selling real estate. We’ve carried out audits and implemented the appropriate analytical tools. We’ve run the analysis of the flow between channels using Mouseflow and Hotjar and laid a good foundation for optimisation activities both in paid and “free” channels.

The organic search traffic increased by several dozen percent for the follow-up months, which gave an effect in an increase in requests and leads. As part of the activities in paid channels, remarketing in Google Ads was used, which translated into a significant number of conversions in the group of property buyers.

We have also used campaigns aimed at both engagement and leads with the use of a dedicated landing page and Facebook lead campaigns aimed at attracting people selling the property, which also resulted in the acquisition of several dozen of real estate leads.


Footmedica is a podology clinic with many years of experience and five locations around Poland. The clinic specialises in therapeutic and nursing podology, orthopedic podology, and physiotherapy.

In our cooperation with Footmedica, as usual, the most important thing was to build a proper data collection system. We have integrated tools such as Heap (user interaction with the site, path visualization), Segment, Google BigQuery, Privy, Google Optimize, Tag Manager, and others. We also created Data Studio dashboards to visualise changes in SEO and traffic on the website as well as in the Facebook Ads campaigns.

The main objective of the cooperation was to optimise the online-offline purchasing process, increase the organic reach, number of aesthetic medicine leads, and conversion rate from leads to customers. The general profile of the leads we were to obtain was in the category of aesthetic medicine. Depending on the type of services for which the leads were obtained, we used quantity discounts, price discounts, or specially prepared quizzes on the site.

Thanks to these activities, we have obtained several hundred leads. To optimize the flow of users between online activity and bookings, and actual offline operations, we used Google Ads and Facebook Ads remarketing based on user actions in an external booking system (Versum), with which we have integrated specifically for this purpose.

Our cooperation with Footmedica was close. We analysed the results together and planned further actions every two weeks.


Beautikon is one of the largest Polish e-commerce beauty stores. The cooperation was close and took place in two-week iterations.

We started with audits and improvements in analytics, such as the setup of conversion goals and events, as well as shopping funnel and scripts for enhanced e-commerce tracking. In order to increase data quality, we’ve created filters for selected IP addresses and blocked traffic from bots. We’ve also recommended homepage improvements based on the heat map analysis.

We’ve created Data Studio dashboards, which visualised the changes in the key metrics across Google Ads, Facebook Ads, website, and SEO. The reports included such metrics as shopping hours, user segments, and keywords.

After the strategic and analytical stage, we’ve started optimising and managing the campaigns. SEO optimisation consisted of improving internal linking, both to other content on the site as well as products. We’ve improved tags, meta-descriptions, and meta-titles.

We’ve also managed Facebook campaigns by creating target groups covering the entire shopping journey using custom and lookalike audiences. We’ve prepared remarketing campaigns with product feed, and also carried out dynamic remarketing to reactivate the group abandoning the basket.

Campaign optimisation consisted of testing the offer (discount), target groups, devices, and creations. We’ve been testing with the optimal time window between the last user interaction with the client’s website and the moment the advertisement was displayed. It was assumed that for each user segment there is a breakthrough moment, after which the probability of conversion decreases significantly. We’ve also executed the Black Friday strategy.

As a result of our actions, the shop purchases exceeded several dozen thousand PLN and ROAS exceeded 1000%.


Isolution is one of the largest companies providing expert services related to projects and solutions in the IT industry. It has over 100 employees and has been operating for 15 years on the international market. It works with many institutions, including mBank, PKO BP, Getin Noble Bank, Deutsche Bank, and ING.

Our cooperation with Isolution was aimed at obtaining qualified B2B leads, especially across managerial positions in large companies. To this end, we have designed 3 lead generation strategies, which have translated into dozens of valuable contacts, including those from the largest institutions and companies in Poland.

With the support of Isolution’s internal marketing and sales team, we have worked out the process of involving Isolution experts in further stages of the negotiations with leads, which was an essential success factor as well as a valuable experience for us.

We’ve been working closely together, and supported Isolution in its marketing activities, often going beyond the agreed scope of our cooperation.

Household Polish brand

A household Polish brand asked us for a lead generation campaign to attract visitors to their stand at one of the world’s biggest fairs.

We were responsible for the strategy, automation, and campaigns itself. We’ve created over 40 ad groups in 12 campaigns across Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Ads, with a quite unique use of geotargeting capabilities.

For lead engagement and qualification, we created video, banners and native copy. We’ve set up landing pages and connected conversion forms to e-mail and SMS automation to verify lead quality. We’ve also used SMS reminders to turn online leads into the actual visitors at the stand.

Within 7 days, we’ve delivered over 115 qualified leads.


IT’S SKIN is a well-known beauty brand with several showrooms in Poland.

The cooperation was aimed at increasing the number of beauty leads and offline conversions at the showrooms from online social channels, i.e. Facebook and Instagram. Promotions were carried out periodically every few months.

The activities were preceded by building an online-offline promotional strategy. We’ve integrated data from Facebook and LinkedIn channels with information about discount claims at the IT’S SKIN stores. Buyers could realise the discount within a certain time window.

Our lead generation strategy was designed not only to generate leads, but also verify and qualify them. Once a lead signed up, the information was verified and transferred to the databases of individual showrooms. We’ve also created additional alerts about new leads, which was useful for showroom managers. Users who signed up for promotions received engaging content supporting conversion such as SMS and e-mail reminders about the expiring discount.

The optimisation of the advertising budget spent was based on the differentiation of the auction rate per device and the placement of the advertisement on Facebook and Instagram platforms, finally putting more emphasis on mobile devices and the placement of newsfeed type on Facebook and Instagram.

As a result of our work, the company has generated a few hundred qualified leads.


Kids&Co. is the largest operator of private, bilingual kindergartens in Poland. The company is on a path consistent growth and currently has 14 locations in 8 cities in Poland: Gdańsk, Kraków, Łódź, Poznań, Warsaw, and Wrocław. Kids&Co. ensures the sustainable development of more than one thousand children and includes the nursery service for Polish and foreign corporations. Kids&Co is the winner of many awards, including Polityka’s Architectural Award.

Our cooperation began with the company’s brand reboot and launch of the new website. In the beginning, we designed a comprehensive marketing strategy for acquiring online traffic and education lead generation. We proposed a plan for the key micro- and macroconversions, both from paid and “free” traffic sources. Among the proposals were, for example, making an appointment for parents at a specific time and day in the kindergarten and open day forms.

Then, we proceeded to the implementation of the analytics stack needed to track full user journeys and conversions. We’ve also integrated multiple marketing tools so that the company’s employees could act upon the leads immediately. We have also implemented a CRM system (Active Campaign), which has been integrated with reservation booking calendar booking. The booking calendars have also been integrated with the directors’ calendars according to their availability. Thanks to this, the directors saw and received notifications of new leads. In addition, we’ve installed Google Analytics, advertising tools’ pixels, and Google Tag Manager. We have integrated Google Analytics with CRM Active Campaign so that employees could see the online activities of people who have converted to the site. To integrate employees’ calendars, we used Google Calendar API and BigQuery, and then built Data Studio dashboards showing activities in all channels. We have selected tools to handle and support the conversion.

After the strategic and automation setup phase, we moved on to the education lead generation phase. For this purpose, various channels were used – Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Google Ads. We’ve created the strategy for each channel. Thanks to the customer data platform in BigQuery, we’ve been extensively using audience exclusions based on the e-mail database of leads.

Facebook and Google ads campaigns were optimised using device, location and creative tests. We’ve created over 95 groups on Facebook and, of which approximately 10 moved on to the scaling phase.

We were responsible for handling country-wide lead generation for all 18 locations across all channels. As a result of our activities, the company has acquired several hundred quality leads and improved the admissions process.