Pipedrive growth accelerator

Close more deals faster, increase marketing ROI, merge sales and marketing for growth

Introducing the Pipedrive-based growth accelerator

The benefits of implementing a proper CRM system are second to none: ROI can get as high as $9 per $1 spent, and lead conversion rate can rise by 300%. The problem? On average, brands need 18 months to fully deploy the CRM and start reaping the benefits. A rapid implementation, team training, and onboarding is a must, if you’re looking for high ROI investment into the CRM. As an official Premier Pipedrive Partner, in this growth module we don't just implement Pipedrive rapidly — we build a full-fledged growth acceleration module running on Pipedrive, which helps you close more leads faster while increasing the ROI of your inbound marketing engine by merging sales and marketing data. We help your team get the most out of the technology with tailor-made Pipedrive training and onboarding.

Our implementation is designed to make your sales engine much more efficient and help your sales team close up to 30% more leads an order of magnitude faster. We achieve it using a unique mix of six things: deep Pipedrive implementation, lead data enrichment with analytics, on-site inbound lead generation and qualification, outbound sales automation, scoring-based inbound marketing optimization, and lead data enrichment. We implement the growth engine, and then train and onboard your entire team to it so that you can start scaling in minimum time.

6 components of Pipedrive growth enabler

A step-by-step plan to building a scalable growth engine based on Pipedrive.

Deep Pipedrive implementation, data import and sync

Move your data into Pipedrive and get the most out of its few hundred features without getting lost

Lead data enrichment

Automatically enrich contact profiles in Pipedrive with valuable information to quickly build rapport with leads and understand their context

Outbound sales automation

Automatically find and reach out to new leads that match your best-performing deals, visit your website or are in the market

On-site inbound lead generation and qualification

Turn your website into a lead mine and qualify leads automatically before passing them on to the sales team

Scoring-based inbound marketing optimization

Automatically assign behavioural scores to individual leads in Pipedrive, and use them to optimize ad bidding

Deep, cross-channel analytics and reporting

See won Pipedrive deals as goals in Google Analytics, conversions in Facebook, and fancy charts in Data Studio

Proper Pipedrive account structure

The basis for the growth accelerator is the proper implementation of Pipedrive. We create a strong and secure account structure spanning access hierarchy, visibility groups, custom fields including privacy compliance fields, deal sources, lost reasons and labels, data protection standards, and more. To ensure the highest levels of security, we set up Pipedrive security policies. During the training phase, we help your team understand how they should use each component of the account structure and manage security policies to close more deals faster in a secure way. In the second step of the Pipedrive setup, we optimize and implement your sales process in Pipedrive, while nailing down on Pipedrive-specific sales enablement tools, such as deal rotting period and deal probability at various stages of the sales process. We make the funnels easily reveal the answer to questions like: are we following up too late? Too soon? Does the lead qualification process need some tweaking? We crisscross data from your sales funnels with advertising pixels and audiences, for use in the optimization of ad auction bidding and increase of the lead-to-client conversion rate (more on that later).

Complete data import & sync

Once the account structure and the sales pipelines are up and running, we tackle the data import, plug the company inboxes to Pipedrive and sync emails with Pipedrive, while ensuring that every e-mail is matched to the corresponding Pipedrive contact profile. In other words, Pipedrive displays the entire correspondence that was ever sent or received from a Pipedrive lead. With our high-converting Pipedrive followup templates, as well as Google Chrome e-mail extension, writing emails that sell does get 10x faster and can be done from inside Pipedrive or Gmail, whatever your salespeople prefer. Extensive e-mail tracking fuels not only the internal Pipedrive use, but provides data to our custom lead scoring engine, which is a part of the entire growth accelerator module, and helps the marketing team utilize Pipedrive data for improved ad bidding in Facebook Ads and Google Ads and create inbound campaigns for leads at various stages of Pipedrive deal process. In the training phase, we help your team fully utilize the privacy features of e-mail in Pipedrive, so that they never reveal sensitive conversations, and make sure they know how to get the most out of workflow automation to speed up e-mail and deal management.

Efficient sales team focused on selling, not trivia

Sales teams waste up to 40% of their work time on administrative tasks. It drains them of the energy and time needed to tackle really challenging things (like selling your products and services). By utilizing Pipedrive’s workflow automations, another component of our deep Pipedrive implementation, we simply get rid of all the busywork trivia that wastes the resources, such as scheduling activities after they’ve moved the deal or sending a follow-up email after they’ve moved the stage. We say farewell to error-prone manual data entry too. In the training phase, we present your sales team with the ins and outs of Pipedrive workflow automation and we train them in setting up their automations.

No need for external tool for mobile sales

We design the sales processes so that they can be managed on the go. With Pipedrive, data is always centralized and it’s easy to be accessed from anywhere. Using the mobile app, your salespeople can access the details of the customers from both the Android and as well as iOS apps, initiate calls from Pipedrive, and have them automatically log the work for the whole team to see. The desktop and mobile apps work together seamlessly. Once they’re trained with us, your sales team can work from everywhere. For a few specific industries with a component of mobile sales, we figure out special workflow automations and geolocation features that make the Pipedrive mobile app much more usable. In this context, we often make use of Pipedrive's Product feature, because mobile sales teams need to have the latest and most updated product offerings available to them at their fingertips.

Calling as a part of the sales process

Even in 2021, calling is a valuable amplifier of your sales strategy. In our implementation of Pipedrive Caller, we make sales calls a native part of the sales process. Their performance and outcomes are visible in the activity performance reports. With call recordings, you get to optimize the calling process over time. Using our custom implementation of call queuing, you get to keep the customer experience under control when all your agents are busy. Call queues also help your inbound calls be queued in a specific way and according to the predefined rules, such as prioritizing the most loyal customers. We create personalized greetings or group voicemail messages, which your users can listen to from anywhere in the world. Due to our MarTech integrations, the marketing team gets to take the performance campaigns to the next level by using calling outcomes as ad targeting parameters or audiences in their campaigns. Neat!

Scheduling like a breeze

On average, it takes up to 3 days to schedule a call or a meeting with someone already interested in talking to you. 68% of Pipedrive customers say that the back-and-forth hassle of finding meeting times is complicated. 71% of Pipedrive customers sometimes or often need three or more touches to get the meeting scheduled. Time gets wasted in back and forth exchanges. With our implementation of Pipedrive Scheduler, we help you reclaim another chunk of time lost on trivia and make scheduling demos and calls a breeze. Scheduler activities become a native part of the sales process (just as calling activities) and add even more targeting and segmentation possibilities to use in ad campaigns on Facebook and Google Ads.

Reporting and analysing like a pro

We launch the custom dashboards in Pipedrive and Data Studio that reveal insights about the individual as well as team performance and progress using both standard dimensions as well as custom fields set up in the account structure step. We sync up Pipedrive with Google Analytics 4 and Facebook Offline Conversions, which helps you track Pipedrive’s key events (winning deals, advancing through the sales pipeline, adding new deals, etc.) as Google Analytics goals and Facebook Custom Conversions. Finally, we integrate your website and app forms with Pipedrive in a way that’s fully compliant with GDPR. Both help your marketing team truly embrace the richness of Pipedrive data for marketing. In the training phase, we teach your team how to assign goals to the individuals and teams and track how they perform, as well as how to see the cumulative forecast report and predict the revenue broken down by various dimensions. We also share some tips on how to get the most out of Pipedrive goals and custom conversions for the optimization of Facebook and Google Ads campaigns.

On-site lead generation qualification (no external chatbots)

Our implementation of Pipedrive also helps you scale the on-site lead generation and streamline lead qualification using Pipedrive’s built-in Leadbooster, which consists of Conversational chatbot and Livechat: the two pieces of the on-site the leadgen puzzle. With the conversational chatbot, on-site lead qualification gets automated, and salespeople get to book more meetings, and close deals faster. The chatbot engages with site visitors as fast as they land on the homepage. The purpose of the chatbot is to qualify the lead before handing him off to the sales team. Then there’s Livechat - a tool needed when you need to include the human in the chat. Livechat enables sales reps to go online and engage sales leads. When the customer lands and uses a chatbot for the query that can’t be solved using the normal chatbot and predefined QA scenarios, the salesperson jumps in and talks to the customer through the issue. The live chat tool also comes in handy when the system identifies a potentially high-value lead that needs to be redirected to the sales reps immediately. The trick is to only involve salespeople when it’s needed, which we achieve using custom workflow automations. Customers opening a live chat issue serve as an ad audience in Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

Inbound-based sales enablement engine

Strong implementation of Pipedrive is a basis on top of which we build the remaining elements of the growth engine. Another component of the Pipedrive-based growth accelerator is improving the close rate due to inbound marketing optimization. Most marketing teams are focused on lead acquisition campaigns and forget about applying inbound techniques for sales enablement. The root cause of this is the discrepancy between sales and marketing and seeing both as silos that are isolated from each other. But as you already know, in this module we crush this artificial, line-in-sand type of division, because we believe that the key to growth is a well-optimized customer experience, and such experience is possible only when sales activities and marketing messages complement each other. In a typical scenario, the marketing team calls it a day when they generate a lead, which leaves all responsibilities related to winning a deal to the sales team, and leaves a lot of mindshare on the table up for the competitors. The worst thing is that it slows down the sales process. By assessing each Pipedrive lead through the custom lead scoring engine, and building ad audiences on top of various scoring segments, your marketing team gets to run sales enablement and thought leadership campaigns in Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and Twitter Ads. It helps your brand stay on top of the lead’s mind with omnichannel messages aligned with the sales stage they’re at, or simply showing your brand in an interesting way as they move through the sales process. This truly elevates the performance of the growth engine, because the typical length of a sales cycle for B2B business can range from four to seven months and it takes six to eight meaningful touchpoints. With our Slack integrations updating the team about the new leads, especially the highly scored ones, not only makes closing deals fun for your sales reps and building, but they immediately know when they should act quickly to grab the opportunity.

Custom scoring engine (a merger between sales and marketing)

With our growth accelerator, your salespeople get to increase the precision and accuracy of sales activities due to the scoring engine. They get to slash tens of hours by distributing the energy mainly across the most promising leads, and they lose less time on inbound leads that are not ready for the call or further steps. We upgrade your sales engine with a custom scoring engine, which is an engagement-based metric representing the lead quality, and a north star metric for every sales team. The moment of outreach can make or break the sales approach, and it must be right. Our custom scoring engine also helps you get more business per advertising budget. Traditionally, wide-reach TOFU campaigns eat up the biggest chunks of the marketing budget pie, because marketing teams are held accountable for the top-level number of leads they deliver. They also bloat sales teams with a plethora of low-quality leads. In our approach, we incorporate MQL’s and SQL’s into marketing performance monitoring. Using lead scores as a basis for ad auction bidding means we help you get more MQL’s and SQL’s for the same ad budget, and win back leads that drop along the process (e.g. didn’t show up to demo). It also helps fuel brand awareness through the entire process, which is a great enabler for the sales team, and nurture leads by keeping potential customers engaged.

Automated outbound lead gen

Another component of the Pipedrive-based growth accelerator is the automation of outbound lead generation. Our no-nonsense cold e-mail copy with a clear call to action works around the clock to book meetings and assign them to sales reps as well-labeled deals in Pipedrive. The outbound growth process prioritizes accounts from brands that visit your website and assigns them higher scores and hence greater outreach priority. Never again will you miss outbound sales opportunities that manifest with companies checking out your website or are similar to the best-performing leads in your process. With our deployment of Prospector and custom training, your salespeople get access to ideal customer personas within a global tool database of 10 mln companies and 400 mln people. They can use it to find new outbound leads for the business in a way that is fully compliant with GDPR.

High quality lead data

High-quality data is one of the key aspects of Pipedrive-based growth acceleration. Every time you ramp up lead gen efforts, both inbound and outbound, you see your CRM database deteriorating over time. Fake or outdated e-mail address, missings, lack of privacy compliance flags… By integrating your website and app forms with Pipedrive and adding them with automated data enrichment and validation processes, we make low-quality data the thing of the past. With enriched data contexts, sales reps have it easier to find a tangent they can use to build relationships with prospects, while the marketing team doesn’t spoil their remarketing audiences with fake users.

Why Pipedrive?

50% of the salespeople's time is spent on paperwork and reporting, leaving very little time for actual sales activities. Capturing data is another struggle and often an afterthought, which causes chaos. Pipedrive helps you get sales under control. Their sales pipeline and calendar will help salespeople visualize and organize information in one place. With the mobile app, can do the tasks and update information on the go. Activities are Pipedrive’s first focus and clear priority. Mundane tasks are no longer a problem with workflow automation. Native, 2-way e-mail sync helps you have the right data — exactly where you need it. Pipedrive is an end-to-end platform for all things sales and the leader in sales technology. It's used by over 90 000 companies.

Deploy Pipedrive with us


2 days

For startups


  • Account setup.
  • + 2 Additional components


7 days

For small and medium-sized companies


  • Workflow automations. Web forms. GDPR compliance. Merge duplicates
  • + 5 additional components


14 days

For enterprises and high-growth ventures


  • Products (catalog, extra fields, automations etc.)
  • + 8 additional components

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We've implemented Pipedrive for startups as well as established companies in SaaS, real estate, software services, beauty, and education sectors. As a result of high quality data, we've managed to provide thousands of engaged leads to our clients and helped them scale in a predictable manner. The chart below shows an actual leadcount growth strictly from our low-level campaign activities and high-level strategies. Take a look at the case studies.

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