Quality leads in commercial real estate

Approach, pricing, lead profiles, and results

Our approach to lead generation in commercial real estate

Inbound marketing techniques can help you generate qualified leads in the commercial real estate segment. Online channels like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads and others can reach prospects in various stages of their decision making journeys in property renting, buying or selling. Various content techniques like free property estimation, educational content on latest office innovations or video tours, used in a proper channel and with a proper group, can reveal their interests and make them motivated to consult with your company. In addition, engaging people around helpful content (rather than using obtrusive forms of marketing like outbound or cold-calling techniques) can help you make long-lasting, positive brand impressions. Finally, using tactics like e-mail marketing or conversations via Messenger can help you channel these precious moments of engagement and buy-in into valuable conversations that may turn into a sale. We've delivered hundreds of engaged real estate leads to our clients, including one of the top real estate agency with over 20 years of experience of 100 000 real estate deals. Start getting hot leads in three steps.

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Define lead

Specify criteria for leads in terms of demography and engagement

Discover market analysis

Launch campaign

Sign up and start lead generation campaign

Discover innovative ideas

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Turn leads into contracts and revenue

Pricing for custom lead profiles

Specify the desired profile of commercial real estate leads. Instantly get a quote for the leads of this profile. Sign up, start your campaign for free and pay only for the leads that match your profile.

What kind of property do you want the leads to be looking for?
What kind of rent scenario do you want the leads to be interested in?
What’s the size of the space searched for by the leads?
Which city do you want the leads to rent office space in?
Which location category should the leads be willing to rent your space in?
What should be the preferred contract length of the lead?
What’s the leads’ monthly rent budget?

Customer background

We ask for this because the your company parameters influence lead acquisition cost

Experience seniority is a major factor in lead acquisition cost.
Experience metrics, like the number of properties leased to date, are a significant decision-making factor and can reduce lead acquisition cost drastically.
Testimonials reduce lead acquisition cost by trust and familiarity effects.
Quality blog reduces lead acquisition cost by triggering and enforcing attention and respect.
Additional signup incentives provided by your company:
Key contact details include telephone number, e-mail address, company name and preferred rent period.
Offering tangible magnets to leads can convince them to request contact from your company.
Mark yes if leads have access to any additional benefits upon successful contract (e.g. interior space help)

Campaign budget summary

The amount below includes advertising and data processing cost.


Total, all-inclusive budget to generate the requested quantity of leads that match the profile.

Total budget

Sign up to start acquiring leads that match your profile.

Want to confirm or discuss campaign parameters before launching the campaign? Schedule a call!

Pricing for predefined lead profiles

We understand that designing your ideal lead profile can be a challenge. If that's the case, we encourage you to use our ready-made lead profiles. Campaigns for predefined leads are launched within 7 days (instead of 14 as in custom lead profile campaigns). As always, the lead cost is flat and already includes media buying. You only pay for leads that match the profile and have passed the quality control.

IT and startup representatives looking for a flexible and modern office space (UK, USA)

€219 per lead

IT and startup representatives looking for a flexible and modern office space (Poland)

€89 per lead

High-end design or PR agencies looking for a representative office (UK, USA)

€190 per lead

How we work

There are three things you need to keep in mind working with us. Take a look below.

7 or 14 days

We deploy your inbound lead generation campaign within 7 days (predefined lead profile) or 14 days (custom lead profile). That's how much time we need to create the content and set up campaigns.

5 leads

We invoice you for every 5 qualified leads, after they've been sent to you. If the campaign fails to deliver leads or delivers unqualified leads, you don't pay anything. If you think you've received a substandard lead which does not meet the criteria, we'll ask you to report it. If our review confirms your complaint, we won't invoice the faulty lead.

10 days

Qualification period typically takes 7-10 days. That's how long it takes for a cold prospect to engage with content, become a qualified lead, and be sent to you. The leads that bounce along the way or don't start engaging will not be sent.

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Relevancy and value

Every lead walks a long journey before it completely fulfills the criteria. Our focus is on making this journey a relevant experience that adds value. Check one of our sample strategies and learn more about our approach to lead generation.

Take a look at channels, contents, and tactics typically used in our education lead generation strategies and campaigns.


LinkedIn (InMail, Sponsored Content, Lead Ads), Facebook (Lead Ads, Boosting, Banners, Canvas, Messenger, Events), Google Ads (Lead Ads, Text and Banners, Local Search Ads)


Live tours, webinars on property investing or planning, floor plans, free property estimation, case studies (closings), video case studies, native articles, automated quote, landing pages, agent consultations, proposals with listings, checklists, quizzes, customer success stories


Dynamic retargeting, E-mail marketing, SMS marketing, push notifications, chatbot sequences

Quality first

High lead engagement without a clear match with your lead criteria is noise. That's why we only charge for leads that match your profile and pass our quality control. We use 3 steps and 8 tools to ensure high lead quality. Take a look.

Grow with us

Inflow of quality leads is critical for stable growth. We've managed to provide thousands of engaged leads to our clients - educational agencies, real estate brands, kindergarten and beauty franchises, asesthethic medicine clinics, startups, software houses and enterprises, and helped them scale in a predictable manner. The chart you see shows an actual leadcount growth strictly from our campaigns for one of the clients. Read up on more success stories!

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