Why we exist

Pre or post Internet, doing business is the same. Just offer good experiences. The only thing that’s now different is that some experiences are happening online. We’re here to give your users good experiences as they learn about your company, products and services. To make it happen, we track like crazy, crunch data, and do madly creative campaigns that employ multiple channels, from Facebook Ads all the way to Spotify. In a well-orchestrated way.

User Touch Data

We sync data from marketing platforms you use.

Funnel Optimization

We analyse user journeys and optimize flow.


We run omnichannel marketing campaigns at minimized cost.

Analytical by Mind

All marketing agencies say they love numbers. But only some of them will install their own tracking codes into your website, spin up Redshift cluster for you and run predictive analytics on user event data from all channels. Guess which league we belong to.

Creative by Heart

We work with over 20 graphic designers, animators, voice artist and other weirdos (that we love). We do it to make sure that creative part of your omnichannel campaigns is absolutely out of this world. And that it gets noticed, clicked, converted...

Open-minded by DNA

Some keep their marketing secrets in a chest. Others turn them into paid courses. We share our knowledge openly and for free. In as many locations as we can. Our official marketing&analytics community, “The 10X Data Driven Marketing”, is now over 2000 member and 8 locations strong. It’s been 40 meet-ups and 400 attendees. And it’s just a start.

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Our system gathers 10 000 user events every hour. We use this data to optimize your campaigns and turn them into engaging omnichannel experiences for your users. Estimate campaign cost today.