What we do

At Datomni, we build growth engines. The growth engine is a system which delivers qualified leads in a predictable way and typically looks like the chart below (unedited, raw screenshot from our long-term client's Mailchimp account with initial conditions of 10 leads a month). We work both in consulting model as well as performance model. In the consulting model, we build or optimise extremely specific marketing modules. In the performance model, we provide marketing qualified leads acquired through our inbound lead generation funnels.

Our point of view

Inbound marketing is how we obtain and qualify leads. For lead generation, we use various channels including LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, Taboola, Quora Ads, Twitter Ads and Google Ads, as well as email and SMS marketing. We engage leads with original content in various formats: video, written, graphic, editorial and interactive. Lead quality is our priority. We're open to cooperation in the cost-per-lead model as well as consulting model. We've designed our service so that all leads you receive satisfy the criteria described below.

Marketing consent (GDPR for EU outreach)

Every lead is open to sales approach.

Correct data

No fake phone numbers or e-mail addresses.

Profile match

Qualifying lead demography and behaviours specified by yourself.

Instant quote

We work based on the cost-per-lead model. You can check the pricing for your unique lead profile in just a few minutes thanks to our neat price calculator for leads.

Lead quality guarantee

We've developed a lead quality control so that you don't waste time and money on handling irrelevant leads. Quality control has three stages: verification of data correctness, lead profile match and lead scoring.

Flexible and without long-term contracts

Few simple rules. Campaigns take 14 days to launch. You're charged only for leads that match your ideal profile and have passed the quality control. You can suspend or terminate the service at any time. It's a plug and play system without long-term contracts.

No spam guarantee

Needless to say, we do not use any ready-made lead databases. We do not practice cold mailing or any other intrusive forms of marketing. We do not conduct any direct communication without a prior marketing consent from the lead.

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Experience and tested strategies

We've worked with dozens of companies and generated tens of thousands of qualified leads worth EUR 5-6 million in orders and contracts. We've built growth engines that took tiny startups from invisibility to millions in valuation and multiple rounds of VC financing. If you're not a fan of cost-per-lead model, hire us to build or optimise your marketing engine in the consulting model.

Openness, knowledge sharing and strong creative team

Our official community, The 10X: Data Driven Marketing, already has over 2,000 people. We run meetups in Berlin, Brussels, London, Warsaw and Vilnius. So far, we've organized 40 meetups with over 400 participants. To ensure the highest quality of creative materials in campaigns, we work with over 200 creative artists.

Client Testimonials

Turn your company into data-driven growth machine

We're here to help you apply the latest advances in data-driven marketing to growth and optimisation in your company. Check out our case studies.