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We work on customer data infrastructures, analytics, and MarTech, leveraging tools like Snowplow, Segment, and Pipedrive to supercharge your marketing with data and analytics. We're not just service providers. Our skin is fully in the game, as we develop our own products, open-source projects, and customer data components, collectively called Omni CDI. Our mission is to give you full control over your customer data, empowering you to understand your customers and build valuable marketing experiences while respecting consent and privacy rules.

Customer data infrastructure

Whether you manage over 30 million events a month or just 3, we're here to support you. Backed by case studies, custom-planned stacks, and open-source tools, we're equipped to recommend the ideal solution for your requirements and ensure seamless implementation. From selecting the optimal CDP stack to executing the Proof of Concept (PoC) and refining it, we're committed to maximizing its potential for your business.

Snowplow CDP with GTM Server, Metabase and Omni Analytics on AWS

Segment CDP with private Metabase and Omni Analytics

GA4 CDP with GTM Server, Metabase, and Omni Analytics

Omni CDI with Metabase

Analytics and MarTech

We specialize in several MarTech and analytics tools such as Pipedrive. Our goal is to help clients pick and integrate the best MarTech and analytics solutions for their specific needs. We streamline operations, automate tasks, and build dashboards using data from these tools, leveraging either third-party ETLs or Omni CDI's ETL component.

Pipedrive Booster 2.0

Meta Performance Booster 2.0

Coming in Q3 2024

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Along with our community, we explore the latest advancements in analytics, customer data, and MarTech by exchanging ideas with over 2000 data-driven marketing experts in cities such as Warsaw, Berlin, Brussels, and beyond.

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