Snowplow AWS deployment

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Snowplow AWS deployment: our approach

Snowplow is a data management platform built on top of open standard. It helps you get the maximum value from the behavioral data and turn that data into a precious asset. Snowplow is as close as you can get to the custom Customer Data Platform with no vendor lock-in — you own the data as well as the entire data pipeline. Compares to other CDP's, Snowplow gives you much more flexibility over how the behavioral data is captured and processed. You can define your own data structures, data models, and deploy a tailor-made pipeline configuration. Snowplow tracks 130 data points by default, but you can track additional properties using custom enrichment modules. Snowplow also has a built-in privacy functionalities, which gives you a complete control over the lifecycle of the customer data. We have a significant experience in deploying Snowplow's batch pipeline to AWS, and we're also exploring the real-time pipeline at the moment. Snowplow is used by over 600 000 websites, including a number of leading companies, such as The Economist, Dollar Shave Club, Contentful, just to name a few.

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Customer data platforms track user events (clicks, calls, conversions etc.) performed across your marketing engine including advertising campaigns, CRM, website, offline. They can help you reach any user, irrespective of their buying or lifecycle stage, and ensure that your brand message is highly relevant to the users. Personalised messages are simply less frequently ignored. As a result, CDP typically generates higher engagement along all stages of marketing funnel. We've deployed Snowplow to AWS for startups as well as established companies in SaaS, real estate, software services, beauty, and education sectors. As a result of high quality, atomic customer data, we've managed to provide thousands of engaged leads to our clients and helped them scale in a predictable manner. The chart below shows an actual leadcount growth strictly from our low-level campaign activities and high-level analytics implementations. Take a look at our case studies and success stories.

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