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Ad creative optimiser: our approach

What makes a good ad? Which ad format works best? Which colour composition creates the most impressions, clicks, and conversions? Every marketing manager asks such questions daily. The problem is that manual analysis of ads is extremely time-consuming and expensive. In this module, we develop an automated optimiser of ad creatives to help you create effective ad creatives. The optimiser eliminates guesswork from your creative process and makes it easier to scale advertising. Please note that we need at least 100 different ad creatives to run this module. Take a look at the details of this module and learn more about analysing your creatives at scale.

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Module scopes and pricing

Take a look at the two possible scopes for this module: essential and complete. Essential scope works best for smaller companies and startups. The larger the marketing budget, the more sensible it will be to choose the complete scope. Notice that both scopes vary significantly in terms of delivery time.


2 months

For small companies and startups

€15kflat fee

  • Automated ad creative fetching from Google Ads
  • New ad creative performance prediction (up to 20)
  • + 2 more components


3 months

For big and fast-growth companies

€+25kflat fee

  • Automated ad creative fetching from Google Ads
  • Extension of ad creative fetching with Facebook Ads creatives
  • New ad creative performance prediction available as a web app
  • + 3 more components

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How we consult

In consulting, we're guided by three principles.

14-day Iterations

To keep things in order, we work in 14-day sprints. Each sprint has a clear deliverables in line with the module scope.

Weekly updates

Short e-mail or a quick call help you stay updated with the progress.

Clear metrics

We set metric goals and track our progress towards them.

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The purpose of our consulting work

In consulting, we're inspired to help you build a marketing growth engine. We define growth engine as a set of highly automated marketing processes that deliver qualified leads in a predictable manner. You can hire us to build the growth engine from grounds up, audit or optimise the specific components of your current engine. We see ad creative optimiser as one such component. Learn more about our consulting work.

In particular, we offer marketing consulting modules across strategy, automation, campaigns.

Quality first

We specialise is building marketing systems that help you generate highly engaged and qualified leads. Consider working with us on the cost-per-lead basis. We use an authored algorithm for instant quote of the cost of a specific lead profile. We only charge for leads that match your profile and pass quality control. We use 3 steps and 8 tools to ensure high lead quality. Take a look.

Grow with us

We've been building ad creative processing pipelines for startups as well as established companies in SaaS, real estate, software services, beauty, and education sectors. As a result of high quality data, we've managed to provide thousands of engaged leads to our clients and helped them scale in a predictable manner. The chart below shows an actual leadcount growth strictly from our low-level campaign activities and high-level strategies. Take a look at the case studies.

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