How we consult

As a part of our consulting work, you can hire us to build your own growth engine from grounds up or improve specific components of your current engine (we call them "modules"). Regardless of your choice, we work in two-week marketing consulting sprints with clearly defined goals and deliverables. Each sprint begins and ends with a call. We have a clear focus on automating as much as possible. Our consulting work encompasses three things. Before we get to specifics of what we do, let us walk you through each one.

Reasonable strategy

Channels, tactics and content formats to acquire, engage and retain customers.


Connecting tools and automating everything, guided by DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) principle.

Campaign execution

Strategy go-live and campaign fine tuning across channels and funnel stages.

Developing strategies

Typical marketing strategies become outdated 24 hours once they're finished and charged for. They embody '90s thinking. You cannot build a growth engine on a rigid strategy. The key to thrive in the modern era to be agile about your strategy and iterate it based on new information. That's why when we're asked to create a strategy, we try to describe it as a set of processes, because processes are relatively easy to change. Our strategies outline channels, tactics, tools, goals and corresponding digital analytics metrics broken down by each of 5 stages of marketing funnel, from awareness to loyalty. We want to make it actionable, so it consists of many practical details such as campaign templates. For example, it is not uncommon for our strategy to include templates for LinkedIn's paid InMail outreach message that will work best in activating potential leads.

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Automating the engine

Just like car engines, growth engines use a number of tools to operate properly. Marketing engines will typically use 10-15 tools and they form a "stack", if configured to work together without much involvement of yours. Stacks we build comprise of tools that gather data (e.g. Segment or Lytics), process data (e.g. Zapier, Cloud Dataflow, Google Tag Manager, AWS), report on data (e.g. Google Analytics, Google Data Studio) and improve marketing itself (e.g. Active Campaign, Drift, optimisation scripts). Stacks ensure you know how's marketing doing and what needs to be improved. We have experience with tools such as: Google Analytics API, Google BigQuery, Data Studio, Zapier, Segment, Google Tag Manager, webhooks, all top CRM's, and many others. As a side note, developing marketing stacks is how Datomni started.

Running campaigns

We've run over 350 campaigns on all major and a few minor advertising platforms, including Quora Ads, Taboola, Twitter Ads, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Adform, LinkedIn Ads, Ibillboard and others. We've also orchestrated messages in multiple channels for the best end result and user experience. We've synced our campaigns with email, SMS marketing, push notifications. Apart from online, we've also run online-to-offline and offline-to-online campaigns.

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Building growth engines

Growth engine is a marketing system that delivers leads in a predictable manner. It's a set of specific tactics and actions in owned, paid and earned channels that build awareness, convert and build post-sale engagement. An indication of a well-oiled marketing engine is a clear upward trend in the lead count chart. (Below you'll see a raw, unedited screenshot from Mailchimp account of one of our long-term clients. We've been responsible for building and maintaining the client's growth engine from the grounds up.)

Optimising growth engines

9 out od 10 companies don't need to build a new engine and should focus on optimising the current one. The most common problems that inhibit performance are: rigid and outdated marketing strategy, ineffective marketing operations (lack of automation) and isolated channel experiences. Third hurts the companies the most and typically happens when multiple agencies work on specific channels without taking a broader look, which results in the marketing version of the tragedy of the commons. Below you'll find lots of details of the marketing modules we can build or optimise for you.

Strategy modules

Marketing strategy & map

Marketing strategy audit

Automation modules

Google Analytics setup

Google Tag Manager setup

BigQuery deployment

Data Studio dashboards

Lead data cleaner module

Ad creative optimiser

Google Ads keyword optimiser

User ID 360 module

GA's Enhanced E-commerce

Lead data enricher module

Facebook pixel maximiser

3A: Analytics & automation audit

Campaign modules

Google Ads account setup

Google Ads optimisation

Facebook Ads account setup

Facebook Ads optimisation

Twitter Ads account setup

Google Ads maintenance

Other services

Complete growth marketing service

Let's work together!

Choose services and their scopes (Essential or Complete, as specified in the detailed descriptions above). The total cost of all services is shown under the calculator. This cost covers the entire service delivery. It can be paid in full after the service or divided into a few monthly payments. If you prefer our complete marketing service, the cost you'll see refers to the monthly retainer for the scope of your choice. Please note that complete marketing service is contract-based cooperation and the minimum length of the contract in this special case is 12 months.

Strategy modules

Automation modules

Campaign modules


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