Qualified leads

If you're curious how we ensure lead quality, here's a snapshot. First, we introduce our 8 pillars of engaging and precise lead generation campaigns. Second, we walk you through the QA process.

Lead data verification and quality control

Campaign performance dashboards

Lead data enrichment and cross-channel tracking

Timely dispatch of email and SMS messages to leads

GDPR-compliant consent fields in forms

Engaging content

Real-time notifications about your new quality leads

Frequent campaign fine-tuning

Lead quality control in 3 steps

VVS stands for Verify, Validate, Score and marks three stages of our lead quality control process. No lead gets sent to you without passing through this process.


We verify lead data for correctness and completeness. Majority of leads acquired from campaign will be rejected at this stage.


If lead data is accurate and complete, profile validation kicks in. We reject any lead that doesn't match your desired lead profile. Sometimes there's a time delay between the moment lead signs up and gets engaged. That's why you may receive a lead even up to one week after actual signup.


Leads that enter this stage will most likely be sent to you. But before that happens, we assess how hot a lead seems to be based on their in-campaign behavior. If a lead is super hot, you'll get a special note about that.

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