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This profile helps you acquire managers or directors of 100+ person companies interested in artificial intelligence services. Leads exhibit high openness to AI consulting, workshops, and software services. They have a significant familiarity in the area of artificial intelligence and understand how it can bring value to their organisation.


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Strategies and content

The strategy to acquire leads of this profile is three-folds. We use case study to attract attention, landing pages to convert, and e-mail automation to qualify prospects and turn them into sales-ready leads.

PDF case study with team bio's

Building credibility with past projects and experience of team members

Landing page and contact form

Acquiring contact details. Primary lead data verification

LinkedIn and Google Ads banners

Building outreach and engagement on case study content snippets

Culture snapshots remarketing on Facebook

Building familiarity and friendliness with company culture snapshots

Expert e-mail & SMS follow-up

Building further engagement with call to actions from an expert

AI Readiness Checklist or free audit

Increasing lead qualification and value of the lead magnet

Lead profile details

Take a look into the specifics of this lead profile including demography, behaviours, qualifying interactions, and requirements for brands wanting to acquire leads that match this profile.

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Mid (100+ employees)



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Manager or Director

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