Case study: UK’s Vyde moves to Pipedrive with Datomni’s Omni CDI analytics backend, gains instant deal valuation and cuts manual work

A London-based scaleup Vyde needed to switch from to to accelerate deal processing, especially in terms of accurate deal valuation, which required integrating numerous custom fields, deal characteristics, and third-party data feeds like real-time currency exchange rates into the final deal value. Within weeks, we rolled out Pipedrive Booster 2.0 for them, starting with identifying the right pricing plan, setting up their Pipedrive account, automating deal valuations using exclusively our Omni CDI analytics backend (without Zapier or other integrators), and seamlessly migrating all deal data from to Pipedrive. Learn more below.

Client Profile: Vyde – High-Growth AdTech Startup

Vyde, a pioneering AdTech startup, transforms conventional advertising campaigns into engaging, immersive experiences that significantly increase user participation and engagement. Their innovative advertising formats capture up to 28 times more attention and generate nearly 70 times more brand interactions compared to standard ad formats. Unlike passive viewing, the time spent by customers on these interactive brand assets is actively engaging. They collaborate with some of the world’s leading brands and power well-known global advertising campaigns across diverse sectors such as Government, Technology, FMCG, and Banking. Vyde’s sales force includes specialized regional teams managing thousands of transactions annually with a well-established sales process. 

Key Challenges: Complex Data Model, Custom Valuation, and Intricate Reporting

Before fully implementing Pipedrive, we conducted an exploration to identify Vyde’s specific needs and challenges. This study confirmed that Pipedrive could meet all requirements, either through our own analytics backend or with the assistance of third-party data integrators. We successfully demonstrated that our proprietary data processors, collectively known as Omni CDI and including components like Omni Analytics and Omni Activation, could fulfill these needs. This approach avoided the need for external data integrators, aligning with Vyde’s objective of minimizing total ownership costs. As we’ve ventured into the project, a number of challenges immediately became apparent.

Complex Data Model

The first significant challenge involved building an extensive custom data schema addressing diverse types of ad campaign and deal characteristics—numerical, text-based, currency-based, and time-based. A significant subset of the attributes required automated calculations derived from other data fields or external data feeds, such as spot currency exchange rates. These use cases would typically exceed the scope and capabilities of Pipedrive’s built-in automation suite, resulting in numerous calculations being performed on the backend. Ensuring the consistency and integrity of data across all the custom fields over time also presented a challenge.

Real-Time, Automated Deal Valuation System

The second significant challenge involved developing a custom deal valuation system to generate or update the final deal value visible in Pipedrive in real-time. The system had to instantly compute final deal values based on various campaign details entered by sales representatives through deal addition widgets and detail views in Pipedrive. Managing multiple intermediate deal values, such as net and raw values, with or without media buying costs, across different currencies added to the complexity. Additionally, Vyde needed these values adjusted based on the likelihood of the deal closing on time, which required customizing an expected value function provided by the Omni Activation integration with Pipedrive.

Accurate and Dynamic Deal Reporting

Maintaining accurate deal reporting was essential, particularly concerning currency conversions. As a global company, Vyde required a system capable of adjusting campaign-deal values and metrics based on the latest currency rates and any changes in campaign settings. Before transitioning to Pipedrive, this process was manual in, consuming significant time and prone to errors. Additionally, since Vyde’s campaigns often span several months, it was crucial to understand the weighted monthly value of each campaign to ensure realistic revenue forecasting.

Complex Reporting and Account Filtering Needs

With multiple regional sales teams specialized in various markets, Vyde faced the challenge of adapting account navigation to different teams operating under different geographies and regional currencies. This required setting up an extensive account structure with robust filtering capabilities within that structure to handle diverse reporting needs effectively.

Data Migration Complexities

Lastly, migrating a large database of deals and leads from to Pipedrive was particularly challenging. The existing data didn’t fit neatly with Pipedrive’s standard setup, requiring careful transfer of thousands of records into a new data model, all while maintaining data integrity and ensuring no important information was lost.

Key Solutions: Custom Fields, Omni Analytics + Activation, Real-Time Currency Exchange Feed

Extensive Use of Custom Fields

We leveraged Pipedrive’s capabilities to create a custom data model tailored to the characteristics of each ad campaign. This involved implementing, among others, a deal schema comprising over 30 custom fields, covering all aspects of the campaign and supporting automated calculations. We utilized multiple data types and formats for custom fields, grouped them into categories, and ensured that the schema accurately captured campaign details while maintaining data integrity and consistency over time. We achieved this by using predefined values, required and important fields, and data validation wherever feasible.

Omni Analytics+Omni Activation Pipeline from Omni CDI

To facilitate real-time currency exchange calculations and deal valuation, we deployed an Omni Analytics+Omni Activation pipeline, two components of the Omni CDI analytical backend. This combined pipeline dynamically enriches deal values with spot currency exchange rates in real-time, enabling accurate deal value reporting and monthly distribution of deal values. Through automated data enrichment and recalculations, the pipeline guarantees that deal information remains current and accurate.

Reporting and Account Structure Enhancement

Key deal and campaign data points were transformed into filters and reporting dimensions, allowing for easier performance analysis. Sales representatives were grouped into teams to enable comparisons across different markets. Additionally, custom permission groups and visibility levels were implemented to enhance user experience and data security. We provided support to Vyde’s internal Pipedrive champions, ensuring smooth navigation and utilization of the platform.

Data Migration and Integration

We migrated thousands of deal records from to Pipedrive’s new data schema, addressing duplicates, inconsistencies, and fundamental data schema differences between both platforms along the way. This integration allowed Vyde to utilize the old data exported from within the new Pipedrive interface.

Wrapping up: happy scaling, Vyde!

In this project, we implemented an instance of Pipedrive Booster 2.0 package to fit a specialized data setup. By setting up automated processes and data pipelines, we helped Vyde ditch manual work and take charge of their sales processes. Plus, we improved reporting and kept data consistent, giving them the info and tools they need to make smart decisions and grow faster.