Learn to build marketing growth engines

Sell more, increase marketing ROI, scale faster, and streamline marketing operations

Building a profitable marketing growth engine: a 90-minute workshop

After training over 250 people over 35 meetups in our 1300+ member data-driven marketing meetup based in Berlin, spending a few million euro on ads, and building a few marketing growth engines that helped our clients raise multiple rounds of financing, we're finally opening up the doors to everything we know with our own, authored, private workshop on data-driven marketing. Our goal here is to teach you how to build a data-driven marketing growth engine. We define the growth engine as a scalable growth process that delivers leads and sales like a clockwork (example depicted below - a screenshot from our client's account).

This workshop is the deep dive into the world of data-driven marketing and building growth engines. We cover the high-level paradigms, the middle-level strategies, and low-level tactics and tools that help you grasp how growth is really done these days.

If you're serious about building analytical marketing growth engines, sign up for this comprehensive, 90-minute, live workshop about the modern, data-driven marketing.

Workshop plan

Part 1 (30 minutes): foundations of rapid growth: strategy, tracking plan, and customer data infrastructure with sections such as:

  • – Understanding the world of data-driven growth: key terms and paradigms
  • – Auditing your current growth system: the step-by-step audit plan to detect the hidden mistakes that make your marketing budget leaky
  • – Building a strong, long-term growth strategy with metrics, proper tracking plan, bug-free data layer, complete implementation plan, and channel plan
  • – Customer data: the heart of your growth engine. Planning the proper platform and infrastructure for your customer data to unlock real-time omnichannel growth (from Google Analytics to Google Tag Manager, Segment, Snowplow, Tealium, and Fivetran)
  • – How to operationalize your growth strategy: from slides to scale – the value of high-tempo iterations & growth experiments. Executing your growth strategy in an agile way┬á

Part 2 (30 minutes): growth architecture: streamlining marketing operations for the maximum efficiency, with sections such as:

  • – Real life case studies of the proper MarTech orchestration and how not to drown in the ocean of MarTech tools┬á
  • – Optimize your MarTech stack to increase efficiency and slash hundreds of wasted hours per year, with a particular focus on the marketing automation platforms (such as AutopilotHQ), and sales CRM platforms (tutorial on how to choose both). Understanding the specific role of Zapier in your marketing (why too much Zapier is not a good thing)┬á
  • – Best practices for implementing the customer data platforms, Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Snowplow and Segment
  • – Ensuring the accurate consent tracking and GDPR compliance across the entire growth system and MarTech stack
  • – Ensuring high-quality user and lead data in your downstream tools, as a key to proper customer audiences and real-time communication: from automated email validation, through Google Analytics enrichment, User ID and Measurement Protocol, through automated lead enrichment┬á
  • – Optimizing your ad bidding and increasing marketing ROI using automated lead and user scoring running on enriched user and lead data┬á
  • – Understanding the role of data warehouses in the entire growth system (introduction to Snowflake, BigQuery, Google Cloud Product and other platforms)
  • – Building a content machine: advanced tips, tricks, and tools to 10X your content game for more engagement and traffic
  • – Taking it one step further: employing machine learning for faster growth┬á

Part 3 (30 minutes): building real-time, 1-on-1 omnichannel communication to maximize ROI, including sections such as:

  • – Real life case studies of real-time omnichannel growth and communication that helped the brand scale faster and increase marketing ROI┬á┬á
  • – Designing highly scalable and profitable outbound, inbound, organic, and social strategies┬á– getting the maximum ROI with real-time omnichannel communication in inbound activities on Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Twitter Ads, SEO, website conversion, e-mail marketing, SMS marketing, and other channels.
  • – Marketing budget management and allocation: understanding the multi-touch user journey; how to detect profitable touchpoints, and leakages along the funnel (including rather simple techniques such as Google Analytics User ID).
  • – Optimizing ad creative for greater CTR and ROI with machine learning
  • – Long-term optimization of the marketing engine: building marketing and growth dashboards based on the unified customer data platforms. Understanding how to get the most value of out of the connectors and how to build your own custom connectors.

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