Data into growth

What fascinates us at Datomni is the challenge of building growth engines. It's the question of how to structure and operate the customer data, customer experience, and growth workflow to achieve a profitable unit economics, and make a stale company a growth company. To achieve this, we created our own, modularized approach to building growth engines which spans three areas: the power of customer data and analytics, expertise in MarTech, and proficiency in omnichannel campaign execution, both inbound and outbound. Our mission is to democratize growth and break it down into a series of atomic activities.

Software house meets marketing agency

We solve the growth equation by creating a unified, real-time customer data infrastructure, orchestrating a MarTech stack on top of it, and communicating with the customers in a personal way across all channels and journey stages, online and offline. Our growth engines run on the best-in-class data & MarTech instruments and tools that we partner with, such as Pipedrive, Omnisend, ActiveCampaign, Segment, SendInBlue, Snowplow, and others. Our core team is small, but we're a member of a family of IT&tech brands spread across Poland, Ukraine, Germany, and UK, with over 100 team members, strong tech expertise spanning data science, analytics, and software development, and ability to implement and integrate anything analytics & MarTech related. Our team members have experience in companies such as Aviva, RTB House, Sumo Logic, Leroy Merlin et al. We're good at the tech side of growth, but crafting customer experiences that help companies scale is what we love.

Tackling growth one module at a time

We value directedness, which is why we're revealing how our growth development system is structured. It comprises specific modules across customer data infrastructure, MarTech stack, and real-time omnichannel campaigns. Whether you want to launch a specific growth module or an entire growth engine, do hit us up!

Customer data infrastructure

Collect and unify data, and get real-time audiences

Analytics and MarTech stack

Activate data and automate operations

Real-time omnichannel campaigns

Drive ROI and ROAS across channels

Customer data infrastructure

Choose the right CDP for your company. Get rid of the data silos. Unify and enrich customer data from all online and offline sources into a single source of customer intelligence ready for activation through your martech stack. Ensure high quality of data down the stream with a proper data QA.

Snowplow (batch) AWS deployment

BigQuery deployment

Analytics and MarTech stack

We help you choose the best MarTech & Analytics technologies for your specific use case. With our support, you'll make sense of the CDP customer data and activate it in your custom martech stack. Thanks to the proper orchestration of MarTech tools, you'll eliminate mundane, manual work, and save time by automating all the heavy-lifting of marketing operations. You'll speed up the time to knowledge and reveal unique insights from eye-candy dashboards. We'll help you optimize your MarTech spend and get the maximum value out of the growth and analytics technologies you already use.

Google Analytics setup

Google Tag Manager setup

Pipedrive-based growth accelerator

Data Studio dashboards

Lead data cleaner

Ad creative optimiser

Google Ads keyword optimiser

User ID 360 module

GA's Enhanced E-commerce

Lead data enricher module

Facebook pixel maximiser

Analytics & martech audit

Omnichannel communication

Make your MarTech stack orchestrate an amazing, omnichannel experience for your customers. Communicate in a personal way through their preferred channels. Reach them with a personal message and a proper call to action regardless of their customer journey or funnel stage.

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Google Ads optimisation

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