Data-driven Marketing for Real Estate

Real Estate & Omnichannel Marketing

Stop running pointless marketing campaigns and see quick results by deploying Datomni Dataflow with Real Estate Funnels extension. Launch real estate conversion funnel templates that have been optimized to the bone by lots of humans and some machines. See funnel performance reporting inside your Dataflow panel.

Great Solutions

Choose real estate funnels

We're constantly experimenting with and finetuning multiple real estate user journeys. Skip the guesswork and run optimized funnels.

Discover market analysis

Customize and run funnels

Get instant access to white-labeled funnel elements, customized per CI of your company. No need for dedicated graphic designers or developers.

Discover innovative ideas

Drive results from funnels

From user flow charts to behavioral segmentation and marketing alerts, all features of Dataflow are for your use too!

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Real Estate Marketing Funnel Templates

Every marketing touchpoint can change the trajectory of your users. For better or for worse. Users jump between channels and lose interest in the brink of an eye. If your marketing funnel is not perfectly optimized, you're losing money and generating suboptimal results. Run our funnels and get them deliver results to your business.

Funnel Content Customization

No one likes generic content. That's why we'll make your new funnels match the visual identification of your company. Colors, fonts, copy flow - we'll make sure these elements fit well.

Variety of Real Estate Funnels

Property Seller Funnel

Acquire and qualify property seller leads

Property Buyer Funnel

Get access to engaged buyers of real estate properties

Valuation Funnel

Schedule property valuation appointments

New Property Funnel

Get buyers to notice your new investment

Open Day Funnel

Get potential buyers to flock to the property showcase

Purchase Ready Funnel

Qualify property buyers for their purchase readiness

Full Dataflow Feature Suite

Once your funnels are up and running, you'll see their performance in your own Dataflow panel. You'll also be ready to optimize all the remaining parts of your marketing engine using all 8 Dataflow modules, including marketing monitoring alerts. Funnels themselves will be tracked and hosted on Dataflow servers, so there's no need for additional developers.

Deploy Dataflow with Real Estate Funnels

You're one step away from deploying the full Dataflow suite with a variety of effective real estate conversion funnels under constant optimization. Start today.