Dataflow Features

8 features to help you design cross-channel user experiences and optimize step-by-step user journeys.

Custom Audience Export

User Flow Charts and Funnel Templates

Behavioral Segmentation

Predicted Next Step

20 Tracking Levels


Optimization Alerts

Campaign-level attribution

Our approach to tracking and marketing

Atomic-level user tracking and deploying Dataflow to optimize actual marketing engines. That's how we work.

Event-level user tracking

Customers demand personalized experiences. It can't be achieved without proper data. Current analytics standard, one based mostly on data aggregation and stitching together the information about multiple users, can at best ensure "aggregated experiences". Not enough to compete in the 2019 marketplace.

Dataflow tracking is superior because it maps every bit of information to a particular person. No session recycling, no anonymous segments. Real people and their actions. Turned into step-by-step journeys.

Proficient Marketing Service on Top of Dataflow

Actual campaign optimization, not just technology development, is a crucial component of our daily work. We squeeze everything we can from 7 figure marketing budgets using Dataflow. Sometimes we manage marketing of entire companies. It wouldn't be possible without quick cross-channel insights we derive from Dataflow.